Astronomy What is Science?

What is Science?


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Science covers the broad field of knowledge that deals with observed facts and the relationships among those facts. The word science comes from the Latin word ‘scientia‘ which means knowledge. Scientists study a wide variety of subjects. e.g some scientists search for clues to the origin of universe.Other researchers examine the structure of molecules in the cells of living plants and animals. Still others investigate why we act the way we do, or try to solve complicated mathematical problems. But in whatever field they work, all scientists explore the workings of the world.

Science and Scientific theory

Scientists use systematic methods of study to make observations and collects facts. They then work to develop theories that help them order or unify related facts. Scientific theories consist of general principles or laws that attempt to explain how and why something happens or happened. Science advances as scientists accumulate more detailed facts and gain a better understanding of these fundamental principles and laws.

A theory developed by a scientist cannot be accepted as part of scientific knowledge until it has been verified by the studies and experiments of other researchers. In fact, for any knowledge to be truly scientific, it must be repeatedly tested experimentally and found to be true. This characteristic of science sets it apart from other branches of knowledge. e.g, the humanities, which include religion, philosophy, and the arts, deal with ideas about human nature and the meaning of life.  There is no test that tells whether a philosophical system is “right“. No one can determine scientifically what feeling an artist tried express in a painting. Nor can anyone perform an experiment to check for am error in a poem or a symphony.

Science also differs from others types of knowledge in that scientific progress depends on new ideas expanding or replacing old ones. Great works of art produced today do not take place of masterpieces of the past. But the theories of modern scientists have revised many ideas held by the earlier scientists. Repaeted observations and experiments lead scientists to update existing theories and to propose new theories will become outdated and will have to replaced by better theories that can explain more facts. In this way, scientific knowledge is always growing and improving.


In conclusion what we think true now are only half truth because it is true to some extent only or has it’s boundary upto which it is true and after it become false. It’s just like the exact time of one country e.g Nepal (9:00 AM) time become only true to its boundary and when we crosses the boundary then the time changes by 15 minutes and the time in india becomes 8:45AM. This the half truth.

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