Notes on Astronomy Notes on Space Science Thinking

Notes on Space Science Thinking


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In my early childhood, I used to stare at the sky and wonders the mystery of the Universe. I used to be amazed with those twinkling stars and big bright moon. I always query about those mysterious light and always got an answer that those were created by the god (mystery we’ve not seen yet). But as I grow younger I came to study the secret of those mysterious objects.

I got more interested in the study of space science and assume myself that someone just like me might be watching me through another planet in another galaxy. I believe like the Solar System, there are various of such suitable conditional home that are inhabitants for the other similar creatures. The big research and theories propounded by the big scientists are only the achievement we’ve achieved. The cold war between USSR and USA back in 1960s helps much in the research about space and later years helps many of the space agency to provide research on. The large celestial bodies outside our earth has much more mystery we’ve ever imagined. We could achieve the new theories and new conclusion on the space science because what we’ve achieved has just the tiny proportion of what universe has to give us.

Black Hole
Black Hole engulfing the surrounding light waves

The concept of multiverse, Black Holes, Wormholes, White Holes, Space Time, Parallel Universe are the theory that has grown big by ultimate research on the topics that has been discussed profoundly over and over again. One day I assume that we’ll be sharing the heap of the knowledge that has profoundly effect on each and every individual of this universe.

So, I suggest everyone in this universe should at least educated on the matter how they are being affected by the universal phenomenon and that will result in the awesome flow of knowledge and information.




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