Astronomy NASA releases 2018 To Do List

NASA releases 2018 To Do List


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American Space Agency NASA releases it’s 2018 To do List which includes the various ongoing and new items in the list. In its official website, it clearly listed the items in videos.

To do List includes sending a robot to Mars, Launch astronauts with American companies from US soil, visit an asteroid named Osiris REx which is as old as our Solar System. Likely Search for planets around distant stars will also be continued in 2018. It has also plan to capture the closer footage of the sun than ever before. NASA will also prepare to send humans to the moon and beyond and also brings them back home safely.

In 2018, NASA is preparing to launch next great observatory and preparing astronauts to live and work in space for 18th consecutive years. It will partner with many companies to execute this task.

Unlikely, NASA will not only focus on the space but also monitor our dynamic earth and use space lasers to measure ice, map forests and soil structure and helps in the research on the greenhouse effect. Regarding the fuel, it will fly an efficient and eco-friendly electric airplane. In so, it will partner with industry to make sonic booms quieter.

View the details of the Todo List of NASA in Video.






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