Astronomy Stephen Hawking : The man who survived the Odds.

Stephen Hawking : The man who survived the Odds.


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Recently the greatest cosmologist in the planet passed away. It was sad and unfortunate to lose the brightest mind. In this article, we discuss some facts about Stephen Hawking. The full name of Stephen Hawking was Stephen William Hawking. He was born in 1942 AD in Oxford, England his hometown. He was the professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

Here are the ten things you should know about him to know him better.

1. Safe Birthplace
At the second world war, his parents Frank and Isobel Hawking move toward north London to Oxford, England. To consider a safe place to give birth.

2. Stephen Hawking as Einstein
Hawking friend calls him by the name of Einstein during school time.

3. Stephen Hawking Connection with Galileo Galilei
Stephen Hawking and Galileo Galilei are connected to each other when Galileo Galilei 300th anniversary is celebrating at that time Stephen Hawking is at birth.

4. Stephen Hawking as Engineer
Stephen and his friend build a computer when they are at teenage. with the use of old clock parts, telephone switchboards and other raw material.

5. Stephen Hawking in two Top University
At the age of 17, Stephen went to Oxford University to study physics and chemistry. Unlikely, he felt bored to study the first year and went to Cambridge University for further study in cosmology.

6. Lost a Bet on Black Holes
Stephen Hawking gave the information about the black hole and also gave the information about the cause when black hole evaporation, it well destroyed. He made a bet on this with fellow scientists, but later came the ‘information paradox’ which says that the said concept conflicted with the rules of quantum mechanics. Technically, the bet is still on but we’ll probably never know whether he won it or not.

7. Stephen Hawking as Author
The best seller book of the Stephen Hawking was ‘A Brief History of Time’ which sold worldwide and still a big seller.

8. Stephen Hawking without the wheelchair
To make Stephen Hawking happy, Scientists took him to a zero-gravity shuttle once just to lift him from his wheelchair. He was able to experience zero-gravity and float out of his wheelchair, for the first time in 4 decades, thanks to Zero Gravity Corp.

9. Hawking Equation
While it’s impossible, to sum up, Hawking’s life in one word, it can be done with one equation:

Hawking Equation

10. Stephen Hawking as Child Author
Above all, he also wrote a children’s book author. In addition, George’s Secret Key to the Universe is the book which is published in 2007. This is the book of children. Hence, In this book, Stephen explains about working process of the solar system, asteroids, black holes and other celestial bodies.

Hawking survived the odds to enlighten and broaden the field of cosmology, he has given the whole new series of ideas and theories to improve the scientific explorations and certainly helped in the finding of new concepts to dig up the secrets of the universe.

Finally, Rest in Peace Hawking.




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Stephen Hawking : The man who survived the Odds.

Recently the greatest cosmologist in the planet passed away. It was sad and unfortunate to lose the brightest mind....
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