Astronomy Black Holes and It's Type

Black Holes and It’s Type


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In the last article we learn about the Top 5 Black Holes discovered so far. In this article we will learn about the types of Black Holes, According to scientists, we can observe three kinds of black holes stellar black holes, intermediate black holes and supermassive Black Holes.

1) Stellar black holes-small but deadly

Black Hole

-After the final fuel of the star burns, it may collapse or fall into itself. For smaller stars, up to abstract three times the suns mass. The new core will be a neutron star or a while dwarf. But when a larger star collapses, it continues to compress and creates a stellar black hole.

Such blackholes formed by the collapse of individual stars are relatively small but incredibly dense.  A simple object is so densely packed that a three times mass of sun is packed into a city size. These outcomes to a crazy amount of gravitational force pulling an object around it blackholes consume the dust and gas from the galaxy around them, growing in size.

2) Intermediate black holes – stuck in the middle.

Black Hole

When star in cluster collide in a chain reaction it forms a intermediate black holes (IMBHs). The thought of scientists on existence of only small and large black holes changed when the recent researches has the possibility of existence of the mid-size or IMBHs. Several of these forming in the same region could eventually fall together on the center of a galaxy and create a super massive blackhole.

  In 2014, astronomers found what appeared to be an intermediate- mass blackhole in the arm of spiral galaxy.

3) Supermassive black holes.

Black Hole

Supermassive black holes dominate the entire universe. They are millions or even billions of times as massive as the sun, but have a tedious similar to that of earth’s closest star. Sun, such blackholes thought to lie at a center of every galaxy including the Milky Way which have Sagittarius at its center. The research is going on how such blackholes spawn. Once they have formed gather mass from the dust and gas around them, material that is plentiful I the center of the galaxies, allowing them to grow to enormous sizes.

-The details about types of blackholes are covered in our other articles named blackholes variation and types.

Therefore, If you need visual information regarding this topic. Please visit our YouTube channel:

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